Funky Gear: Universal Microphone Stand Smartphone and Small Tablet Holder

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Andrew Says
"No matter whether you have music or tabs on a phone or tablet, use a tablet holder to hold your music and lyrics where you can see them"

There are so many music resources available to help you play better, websites such as Ultimate Guitar and apps like Tabs Pro, but how best to use this when practicing?

A great place to start is to get your music onto your tablet or smartphone and use a tablet holder to hold your tablet onto your mic stand. You'll be able to fully tilt and rotate the tablet to get the best viewing angle.  You can adjust the height to accommodate different sizes of tablets, whilst still holding them securely in place. The stand features full 360° rotation for landscape or portrait viewing, and it will tilt between vertical and horizontal positions so you can ensure that the viewing angle is correct.

You can use just about any mic stand as well, the clamp will fit onto any cylinder from 14-22 mm diameter.

This is fully adjustable and has 2 size ranges, which are easy to set up.  The smaller size range is designed to accommodate your smartphone, whether it's an iPhone, iPhone Plus, Samsung GALAXY or similar; the larger size range is designed to accommodate your tablet - great for iPad Mini and other tablets of a similar size.


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