Guitar Strap Pick Holder - Deluxe Edition

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The Fretfunk Strap-Mounted Guitar Pick Holder - Deluxe Edition is simple to use, and designed to hold up to 7 guitar picks (plectrums) securely. It attaches easily by clipping onto the guitar strap, and once in place can be used to keep spare plectrums handy whilst playing. Suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars, fits most guitar straps. Fits all thicknesses of guitar picks. Please note guitar picks are not included with this product.

The Deluxe Edition of this product is manufactured from flexible rubber, which is especially useful if you have a thicker guitar strap or if you use thicker Jazz picks. The original Edition of the product, by contrast, is a little shorter and made from plastic.

  • Easy to use
  • Holds up to 6 picks
  • Fits most straps
  • Fits all picks sizes
  • Suitable for acoustic, electric, bass guitar
  • Ideal gift idea
  • Free UK delivery
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • 30-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied
Design registered in Europe and USA.  Made in England to Fretfunk design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: What type of straps can I use this with?
A: The pick holder will clip onto any type of strap material.  Standard fabric, webbing or leather straps will not be a problem.  We have had issues with some straps that have extra thick padding or are studded.  "Normal" straps will handle the pick holder just fine.
Q: How many picks will the pick holder take?
A: A normal pick is 2.5 cm across, and the deluxe pick holder is 17.5 cm long, so you can put 7 picks in there with some wiggle room.  Most people prefer to use 6 picks and have a bit of space between them.
Q: What colours are available?
A: At the moment we only supply this in black.  Watch the website for the launch of further colours later in the year.
Q: Can I use this with any type of guitar?
A: Yes, as long as you're using a pick.  The pick holder fits to the strap so it doesn't make any difference what type of guitar you use.
Q: What pick thicknesses can I use?
A: The special design of the pick holder ensures that there is a proper fit no matter what type of pick thickness you use.  We don't recommend putting a very thick pick next to a very thin one, but any thickness can be accommodated.
Q: How does the deluxe edition differ from the classic edition?
A: The deluxe edition is a new revision on the original design, which is now called the "classic edition".  The deluxe edition is made from silicone rubber rather than plastic and this has been found to improve the performance of the pick holder because of the improved flexibility of the material.  The texture of the rubber is more "grippy" as well, meaning that picks are held even more securely.  The deluxe edition is slightly longer too - some users found that when using the classic edition of the pick holder they wanted more room between picks.  We've listened to the feedback and come up with a revised design, we hope you like it. 


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